BetFury: BFG Listing Party with $420,000 prize pool

BetFury has done it again, here comes another big event with a massive prize pool of $420,000. This event can be considered as a pre-party for the biggest event in BetFury’s history yet, the listing of BetFury’s BFG token, which seems to come closer and closer. BetFury fans have been for BFG token to become a liquid asset for quite some time and it looks like we are getting there. Sooner than later, people will be able to buy, sell and exchange BFG tokens on an exchange.

Reason enough to celebrate and collect more BFG by mining, playing games, participating in battles and win additional BFG prizes on the wheel. This event has already started and will run for 7 days, so do not waste time and join BetFury now!

+50% BFG Mining Boost

With the BFG listing getting closer and closer, you may want to take this chance to collect as many BFG as possible with the 50% BFG Mining Boost being the perfect opportunity for that. Over the course of 1 week, you will be mining 150 BFG instead of 100, which is very nice. Play the BetFury in-house games or Slots and take advantage of the 50% mining boost.

BFG Wheel with up to 3 million BFG prize

Any game you play on BetFury, all cryptos count, will award you with spins on the big BFG wheel. You will earn 1 spin for every $100 wagered in BTC. The main prize is a crazy 3 million BFG.

Please note that not all games contribute the same towards meeting the wagering requirements. In-house games and slots contribute 100%, table games contribute 20% and live games 5%.

Mega Profitable Boxes with up to 100% monthly rate

If you are a fan of BetFury boxes, now is the time to take advantage and increase your profits. Check out the respective section on BetFury regularly so you do not miss out on new boxes since each box can only be purchased once.

Daily Wager Battle with $4000 in BTC

$4000 in BTC are waiting for you in daily wager battles with the top 200 players winning their share. All BetFury In-house games and slots participate and you can choose any currency to play with.

Weekly Profit Battle with $30000 in BTC

This weekly battle will be special! Play your favorite slots and in-house games with any currency and be one of 500 lucky players to split the massive $30000 BFG Battle prize! The 1st place wins a crazy $15000.

BFG Auctions not available after listing

If you have liked the BFG auctions, you should hurry and place your bids now. BetFury informed that as soon as BFG will be listed on exchange(s), BFG auctions on BetFury will not be available.

GOSU loves the BFG Listing Party Event

Well, we are excited, we really are and how could we not be with BetFury launching another huge event like this. Increased rewards and prizes, increased mining rate, popular features such as the wheel… we are loving this event and recommend you check it out. Do not forget, it will only be running for 7 days.

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