BetFury Staking – Earn Passive Income Via Dividends

In our BetFury review, we stated that we did not know the company behind this crypto casino. There is no such information listed on the site. Now, several months have passed, and we are still at a loss. However, BTCGOSU patrons seem to love this online casino that boasts excellent game diversity and a ton of unique promotions. It seems to get high marks, all around, from players and is taking the crypto gambling world by storm. Thus, we decided to provide an in-depth analysis of its staking system. Read on if you want to learn how BetFury staking works and how you can profit from it.

BetFury Staking Explained

Before we uncover what staking is, we have to get into BetFury mining and the BFG token. The first is the system with which you attain the site’s native token (BFG), based on the TRC-20 smart contract for profit-sharing. For any bet that you make on this platform, BFG tokens get added to your game balance. It has a limited supply of five billion, with specific percentages from this amount allocated for mining, staking, and burning.

In the past, depending on what crypto (Bitcoin or TRON) you used, you would get BFG (BTC) or BFG (TRX) sub-tokens. However, per a community request, with over 92% approval, a token merging occurred. BFG(TRX) sub-tokens got swapped to BFG and increased by 10%, while BFG(BTC) sub-tokens got morphed into BFG and increased by 2%.

There is a maximum supply of five billion BFG tokens, and these are attainable automatically through playing proprietary provably fair products (affordable minimum – 0.00000001 BFG). You can also bid in auctions using tokens to win digital coins. The mining prices differ depending on your chosen crypto, and if you are playing provably fair games, what this platform calls in-house ones or slots.

BetFury casino aims to make its BFG token soon available as an asset for traders, and it holds planned burnings that increase its value. These monthly burnings support the growth of staking payouts and further BetFury’s ecosystem expansion. You can find a history of past BFG burnings On the website’s page dedicated to this token (About BFG). It is accessible via a link in the site’s footer, under the About Us category.

Finally, staking is a feature with which you can get a reward from the BetFury dividend pool by holding BFG tokens on your account. That prize sum gets defined per the number of BFG tokens kept in your account balance. To get a staking payout, you will need to mine tokens (via placing bets). There is no more freezing BFG. That is a thing of the past.

How the BetFury Dividend System Works

For those with no history of owning or understanding stocks, a dividend is a distribution of profits. An entity earns money through its operation, and in a specified time slot, it pays out a portion of those funds to its shareholders as a dividend. If you decide to partake in this scheme, you should think of it as an investment opportunity. The more successful this online casino grows to become, the more money you, one of its investors, should earn. If the platform loses money, then so do you.

At BetFury crypto casino, the system releases a fixed percentage (3%) of the total profits for every coin every twenty-four hours. All the users that hold BFG tokens get to share in these funds. The more tokens you own, the higher your percentage from the dividend pool becomes. So far, the site has a decent history of stable daily payouts, so there is nothing to worry about on that end.

If more users choose to take part in this scheme, it will lead to increased sustainability of BetFury’s dividend pool, which, in turn, will guarantee the continued success of this profit-sharing scheme.

You can check out the site’s staking history on the dedicated page. It will show you all the past distribution and the number of staked tokens. There, you can also learn details about how many tokens have gotten burned and mined. Plus, how many are yet to get staked.

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