BetFury: Top 10 Big Wins of April

April has been a big month for BetFury with lots of action: New cryptocurrencies added, massive promotions & events, BFG tokens burned and so much more. Truth is, April was not only big for the casino but also for its players who hit some very big wins. We appreciate that BetFury has published a list of the Top 10 wins! We love seeing big player wins and it is very interesting to learn which games paid out best. According to BetFury, the total win amount here reached ~$332 000!

Time for us to have a look at BetFury`s biggest winners of April – sneak preview: As GOSUS you may be very familiar with one game that made it to the list…

Top 10

The 10th biggest win was achieved on… Fruit Party by Pragmatic Play! See… this game is considered “THE GOSU GAME” by many members of our community and probably so for a reason? $20470 and the 10th position went to BetFury user User207657. We wish BetFury would have also shared the respective multiplier, that would be interesting!

Top 9

Crypto gamblers love dice and and we are sure so does BetFury user Btcbrown19, who hit the 9th biggest win: $24310 with a multiplier of 8.9091, fire!

Top 8

Here comes another crypto favorite – Limbo! BetFury user Quasar hit a big win of $27235, it is worth a mention that the multiplier was only x2, so the player took quite a risk and was rewarded.

Top 7

One more big limbo win and it was once again Quasar with a multiplier of “only” x2. This time he won a massive $27745!

Top 6

Time for a big slots win. User614543 took the 6th spot with his big win of $29269 on the popular slot Book of Sun!

Top 5

Yes, slots can pay well, very well… User614543 will gladly confirm this after his big $29600 win on Dragon Pearls: Hold and Win from Booongo.

Top 4

We are getting closer to the Top 3 and on 4th spot, we can once again find BetFury Btcbrown19, who hit another big win on dice. This time he made $32065 with a very nice x10 multiplier.

Top 3

If you thought Btcbrown19 had already won enough on dice, you were wrong. His biggest dice win in April comes down to $36000!

Top 2

Dice players did very well in April, you have surely noticed by now. The 2nd place went to User516108, whose big win of $41873 is absolutely crazy.

Top 1

Dice again? Not this time! The money printing fruits did the trick… BetFury user mistcop landed a huge $63560 win on Fruit Party!

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