BTCGOSU deactivates nine casinos

We would like to inform our readers about the deactivation of another nine casinos on BTCGOSU.

The main reason for the removal this time: We would like our partners to be actually interested in working with us closely, which automatically means that our players are taken good care of, receiving nice deals, professional support, fair treatment etc. A close partnership does not necessarily mean we need to get an amazing affiliate deal (we will take that of course) – when the management of a casino is not even interested in talking with us directly though, we are not ready to promote it, full stop.

Unregulated Crypto Gambling space requires trust and in order for our players to be safe (and for our business to be sustainable), we have to make those decisions and we will keep doing so if necessary.

Another reason for removal may be the fact that an operator simply is not “good” enough because of significantly better alternatives that we already list.

As of today, we have removed the following casinos from BTCGOSU: BitKong, LuckyDice, SimpleDice, Gamdom, MintDice,, CoinRoyale, True Flip Casino,

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