Crypto Casinos & The Problem of Blocked Players

Recently there has been a lot of heat towards the crypto casinos for allowing players from restricted countries such as the United States to play at the casino because of unclear policies and insufficient measures taken to prevent this from happening. Majority of the community feels like the casinos want such players to play at the casino but because the license provider doesn’t allow them to do so, they cannot directly allow players. Instead, they have loose policies that indirectly allow players to create accounts through the use of a VPN and since most casinos don’t have a mandatory KYC in place, these players can’t be stopped from gambling.

What can the casinos do to ensure no such players join?

  • There should be an IP ban in place such that players visiting the casino from restricted IP addresses shall not be allowed.
  • Casinos, in some cases, can detect whether a player is using a VPN and if they do so, the casino shall ensure if even they allow the use of a VPN, the player must be scrutinized and if required, a KYC shall be enforced.
  • Affiliates must be strictly warned against referring such players or suggesting anyone how to access the casino from a blocked country.

Why the players should avoid playing from a blocked country?

As BTCGOSU cares the most about the players, it is important to understand the risks that are associated with gambling at blocked casinos, for the players.

  • If you win big, the casino will most likely perform a KYC/AML check and you will be toast.
  • If you evade any security checks initially doesn’t mean you have tricked the casino because some casinos will allow you to intentionally play from blocked countries as long as you are losing, but once you win, they have a valid reason to not just stop you from gambling further but even take away your winnings and in some cases even deposits.
  • In some cases, the casino may take legal action against such players.

There must be several casinos that allow players from your country and there is no need to gamble at a casino that doesn’t want you. Instead of playing hide and seek with the casino and a potential seize of funds, gamble responsibly and have pride in your gambling.

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