Stake: Best odds and multiple promotions for the UFC

When Stake partnered with UFC, no one would have guessed the number of promotions that followed the partnership. With the best odds in the market for UFC, beating even the fiat sportsbooks to it, Stake offers not just juicy odds but on top, they run several promotions in tandem. If you are betting on UFC somewhere else other than at Stake, you are easily missing out most generous and risk-free promotions. Let’s break down the promotions to see what you have been missing so far.

Best Odds Guaranteed

Since their partnership with UFC, Stake has been offering premium odds on all the events. Mind you, not just the main event fights but preliminary fights as well are included in this. You will not find better odds on the “Winners Market” for UFC anywhere else.

You can see an example below for one of the most anticipated fights in recent times. The odds are really juicy. Since you are reading, we expect Conor to win this one.

Brand Ambassadors Fights

Stake has a tendency to offer a risk-free fight when one of their brand ambassadors is fighting in any of the UFC events.

They currently have 4 brand ambassadors and they are always adding more to it. The current brand ambassadors are

  1. Israel Adesanya
  2. Francis Ngannou
  3. Marlon Vera
  4. Alexa Grasso

If any of these fighters are performing in an event, make sure to check out the stake promotions as most likely they will offer a risk-free bet or some kind of promotion on it.

Split Decision Money Back

If you have been watching UFC fights, one thing everyone hates is the judges and their sometimes horrible decisions. Often times the judges are criticized on social media for bad decisions and split decisions awarding the fights to the losing fighter, at least by the looks of it.

Stake prevents any such split decision losses by refund all your bets upto $250 if you have placed bets on the winner market and your fighter comes out on the wrong side of the split decision.

There are some rules which you should read at their official page, but here are some of them:

  • Only single bets and on the winner’s market.
  • The first bet you place is only eligible for each fight, so make sure you don’t split your bet into multiple small ones. If you make 5 bets $50 each, you will only get the first $50 refund while if you place all $250 at once, you get the maximum value out of it by getting a full refund of $250.
  • Don’t cash out your bets
  • No multi-accounting and they reserve the right to not credit a player if they have a reason to believe the player cheated in any way.

UFC Live Streaming

Although this doesn’t qualify as a promotion, you can save your money if you watch and bet on the UFC at Stake instead of buying costly subscriptions. Some countries are restricted so you may not be able to watch it live.

Main Event Double Winnings

Stake offers double winnings on mostly all UFC main event fights barring a few events. The conditions are usually easy like your fighter must finish the fight before the bell or he must win by knockout or a submission. You can check all the terms and conditions every week on their official page. The rules might change every week so read them carefully before betting.


With so many promotions and the boosted odds, it is nearly impossible to find a better place for UFC betting and if you are smart, most of the times you will end up in profits for the fight night with the risk-free bets and the double winnings and sometimes getting a refund for split decisions and on top of everything else, Stake sometimes do Justice Refunds if you got extremely unlucky.

If you haven’t joined Stake yet, make use of our code and get $7 free ($1 for 7 consecutive days) and instant 10% rakeback on all casino bets, which otherwise are unlocked at Bronze VIP.

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