Useful Tools Every Crypto Gambler Must Know

Over the years crypto gambling has evolved as casinos have added new games, bonuses and lucrative VIP programs but there are some tools that are not known to most players and today we are going to discuss some of the important tools that exist in crypto gambling but you might not be aware of them just yet. Please note, some tools are external and we don’t endorse them so although we have tried and picked the best ones, always take precautions where required.

Provably Fair Verifier

Type: Internal, use with confidence!

Fees: None

The foundation of crypto gambling was built on the basis of a provably fair algorithm and most of the users are aware of the system by now but still, it hurts to verify each bet because the provably fair system is not as straightforward. To solve this problem, we created a tool that can verify your bets from almost any known casino. Below is the link for the verifier so make a habit of verifying at least one bet every once in a while, to make sure the casino is not cheating you.

Tip: If you are not aware of how the provably fair system works, please visit our detailed guide on it here.

Provably Fair Verifier – Verify Your Bets!

Compare the best odds for every sports event

Type: External tool

Fees: None

Sports betting usually carries a larger house edge as compared to casino games and hence it’s important to find the bookie with the best odds in the market so you get the maximum value for your wager.

There are many such tools that exist but we could not find a better one than bestodds. Cryptocurrency sportsbooks comparison

Remember to check the odds and join the sites through our link to avail the best deals and exclusive bonuses.

Internal Exchange

Type: External Service

Fees: ~ 5%

Often times we gamblers are stuck in a situation when the coins we have are not enough for a withdrawal or the fees is just too much. Consider the below example.

Let’s say you have a 0.0005 BTC balance at stake and you want to withdraw the coins. Now given that stake has a standard withdrawal fee of 0.0002 BTC for withdrawal of Bitcoins, you will end up receiving just 0.0003 BTC which is close to half the amount you had in balance.

Using some external exchange services, you can easily convert your coins and withdraw in another coin that has minimal withdrawal fees like Tron, Dogecoin, Litecoin or even EOS.

The one we can recommend is CryptoGamblersPub also known Dinabot as the bot’s username at stake.

CryptoGamblersPub: Exchange balances between casinos (The service comes at a small fee)

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We hope the tools help improve your gambling experience as we always add more tools moving forward and we are building some of our own tools. If you feel you need any help please comment below and let us know.

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